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La vita non è quella che si è vissuta, ma quella che si ricorda e come la si ricorda per raccontarla.
(Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

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    Chi deve fare cosa

    Filed under: — JE6 @ 12:48

    But maybe the most important aspect of the London bombings is this: When jihadist-style bombings happen in Riyadh, that is a Muslim-Muslim problem. That is a police problem for Saudi Arabia. But when Al-Qaeda-like bombings come to the London Underground, that becomes a civilizational problem. Every Muslim living in a Western society suddenly becomes a suspect, becomes a potential walking bomb. And when that happens, it means Western countries are going to be tempted to crack down even harder on their own Muslim populations.
    That, too, is deeply troubling. The more Western societies – particularly the big European societies, which have much larger Muslim populations than America – look on their own Muslims with suspicion, the more internal tensions this creates, and the more alienated their already alienated Muslim youth become. This is exactly what Osama bin Laden dreamed of with 9/11: to create a great gulf between the Muslim world and the globalizing West.
    So this is a critical moment. We must do all we can to limit the civilizational fallout from this bombing. But this is not going to be easy. Why? Because unlike after 9/11, there is no obvious, easy target to retaliate against for bombings like those in London. There are no obvious terrorist headquarters and training camps in Afghanistan that we can hit with cruise missiles. The Al Qaeda threat has metastasized and become franchised. It is no longer vertical, something that we can punch in the face. It is now horizontal, flat and widely distributed, operating through the Internet and tiny cells.
    Because there is no obvious target to retaliate against, and because there are not enough police to police every opening in an open society, either the Muslim world begins to really restrain, inhibit and denounce its own extremists – if it turns out that they are behind the London bombings – or the West is going to do it for them. And the West will do it in a rough, crude way – by simply shutting them out, denying them visas and making every Muslim in its midst guilty until proven innocent.
    And because I think that would be a disaster, it is essential that the Muslim world wake up to the fact that it has a jihadist death cult in its midst. If it does not fight that death cult, that cancer, within its own body politic, it is going to infect Muslim-Western relations everywhere. Only the Muslim world can root out that death cult.

    Thomas Friedman, NYT


    Filed under: — JE6 @ 08:06

    Non voglio giocare a fare il cinico che non sono. Le bombe di ieri mi hanno colpito, rattristato, addolorato. Ho pensato a quelle persone che conosco, più o meno direttamente, che stavano lì (ma lì dove, poi?), e mi sono rincuorato sapendo che stavano bene.
    Ma tutto con un’intensità minore, molto minore rispetto a Madrid 2004 e New York 2001. Ci si abitua a tutto, temo.

    Però, trovo belle queste parole di Shangri: Continuare. E dimenticando rammentare.